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  • polishenel
    Teclast M89 Tablet PC
    Great tablet PC for the price:1. Display is brilliant - I am iPad user and can confirm that it is not worse than iPad's one - great job2. Speed of work is great - fluent and without bugs3. After connecting to WI-Fi i have received 3 updates regarding WI-Fi, systen stability and so on. The only problem was that the first 2 of them were downloading sevceral times with errors, but finally the last update chaged the OTA system and now it is OK.4. After updates WI-FI connection is stable and quick @5GHz rangeCONS: none apart from the fact that the package was opened @Gearbest and the shop has taken away power supply left only the cable - WHY GB????????

    Sep 28,2018

  • chw
    Good Alternative to More Expensive
    The technical aspects have been reviewed in other venues and help support my choice. Goal was to buy a smaller profile but current Android tablet. This is more convenient to carry and use vs 10"+. Excellent graphic quality, good battery life and build. Initially looked at eReader but this tablet's capability served that purpose and provided general utility. It is larger than the average smart phone but smaller than other electronics. It is easier to read than the smart phone. Price point was fair.

    Jan 09,2019

  • Matteo
    Ottimo prodotto dal punto di vista hardware, di buonissima fattura, schermo perfetto e luminoso. Nonostante Android 7 stock il dispositivo risulta essere molto veloce e reattivo. Non propio il massimo la durata della batteria. Non si può chiedere di più a questo prezzo. Metto 4 stelle solo perché Android non risulta certificato e c’è stato qualche problemino per fare funzionare Netflix ( risolto registrando autonomamente l’ID del dispositivo ) e SkyGo ( non funziona in alcun modo )

    Dec 09,2018

  • Grivalszki
    Teclast M89 is recommended to buy
    Item arrived in a bubble case so I am completely satisfied with the delivery. For this price, this is a pretty nice tablet. The speed of work is great and fluent. After connecting to WIFI it has received the latest update. Build quality is good, the screen also fine. No bad pixels at all.

    Oct 01,2018

  • Prodromos Tsamis
    absolutely marvelous
    If you would like to spend 400 plus euros for a tablet,buy an ipad mini. If you would like to do almost the same,but spend 110 euros buy this one. Is well build with metal back,very good screen,very smooth operation, good hardwear and discent camera. Probably on of the best tablet at this price range.

    Nov 23,2018

  • evoghell
    EXCELLENT tablet!
    For such a low price tag, that tablet is pretty amazing. There is an update to do out of the box for the wifi, once done works like a charm. Sound is very loud and clear, the display and touch screen are on par with the most expensive brands, and more importantly, the battery lasts, compared to all oter low priced tablets I tried. And it also charges very quickly. Awesome buy!

    Dec 07,2018

  • Pedro
    Buena tableta a un excelente precio
    Es una tableta de gama media, buenos materiales. En tamaño es similar a una iPad mini. La resolución de la pantalla es bastante alta. No pongo 5 estrellas ya que la distribución de los puertos es muy extraña, por lo que es dificil conseguir una funda universal que le quede.

    Apr 07,2019

  • Matej
    Price performance good tablet
    I got it on a flash sale. I decided on base of reviews of independent reviewers and so far I am happy with tablet. Performance is OK, battery life is acceptable and screen is very nice.Delivery was fast to (thank you GearBest). Just one thing, there was no power adapter !?

    Nov 25,2018

  • Francisco
    great product/excelente producto
    this is a powerful, beautiful, light weight tablet, excellent for work on the field, faster and comfortableit's 3gb of ram make it faster and it's storage will make me don't feel worry for download a lot of videos and music

    Dec 07,2018

  • Will
    Tablette au top
    Très bonne tablette pour son petit prix.En ouvrant la boite, j'ai eu la surprise de ne pas voir de chargeur secteur, mais en relisant la description du produit cela était indiqué, donc pas de problème avec le fait qu'il n'y ait pas de chargeur dans la boite.Pour l'utilisation, la tablette est fluide, la batterie est très bonne. A voir sur la suite de la durée de vie.

    Oct 16,2018