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GPD company is a professional designer and manufacturer of games consoles products since 2013. Main product line covers video game consoles and game box. R & D direction includes Handheld video game consoles, UMPC, smart games, mobile games Bluetooth peripherals, television video game consoles and set-top boxes gamepad peripherals tablet,video. Thanks to the trust of our valued clients, GPD has established a deep and long partnership with many overseas distributors. We proudly share 80% of the target market.

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  • GPD WIN Handheld PC Spielkonsole GPD WIN Handheld PC Spielkonsole

    This is a fully capable Windows 10 Pocket PC!
    If you are comfortable reinstalling the OS and playing around in forums and geeking out with tech toys, THIS IS FOR YOU!

    The stock OS is a little clunky so if you go to the GPD subreddit and grab a copy of their communities optimized OS this thing runs like a champ and play a LARGE amount of games and work with Steam like a champ! Built in XBOX controller is amazing (other than L3 and R3 stick click).
    Pay for the upgraded shipping as it took forever to get to me

  • GPD WIN Handheld PC Spielkonsole GPD WIN Handheld PC Spielkonsole

    Tardó lo normal en llegar. No hubo ningún problema de aduanas. La consola funciona perfectamente aunque con el tiempo hace que desees un poco más de potencia lo que ha hecho que compre el modelo superior a pesar de ser mucho más caro. Aún así lo recomiendo mucho por su calidad-precio. Es mucho más práctico de lo que puede parecer y su calidad no es para nada de producto "chino"

  • 7 Zoll Gpd Q9 Spiel Tablet PC 7 Zoll Gpd Q9 Spiel Tablet PC

    Good product. Now i have a gpd XD also but this one is a very good product of gpd if you want to play old games and also android games.

  • Gpd XD Handheld Spielkonsole 64 GB ROM Gpd XD Handheld Spielkonsole 64 GB ROM

    Todo perfecto, la compré muy barata y es una maravilla, le metí cientos de juegos.

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