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TINTON LIFE was established in mainland China. As a reputable brand, TINTON LIFE specializes in the design and manufacturing of the latest Appliances, combining strong performance at an excellent price. Through diligent R&D practices and robust corporate governance, its products have enjoyed strong sales worldwide. With its ambitious goal to deliver exceptional technology products at affordable prices, the company continues to impress and delight users.

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  • TINTON LIFE VC812 Drahtloser Handheld Trockener Staubsauger TINTON LIFE VC812 Drahtloser Handheld Trockener Staubsauger

    VC812 is light and manageable. Excelent power and durability. I've 100 mtq surface and it's cover with hight power all home without lost percentage battery.
    I estimated 30 min. to clean all home. Useful accessories but the station to locate it, it's a bit bulky when the VC812 is it in charge.
    Still a great product, I'm happy with the purchase.
    Go Tinton Life Go.

  • TINTON LIFE S1007 Handstaubsauger TINTON LIFE S1007 Handstaubsauger

    Boa potência, cumpre muito bem a função. Prático e potente!

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