FPV  Bürstenlose PTZ  Bürstenlose kardanische Kontrolle für GoPro 3 Kamera DJI Phantom
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FPV Bürstenlose PTZ Bürstenlose kardanische Kontrolle für GoPro 3 Kamera DJI Phantom

- SILBER 108590301

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CNC-Aluminium-Legierung Struktur

Kompatibel mit Gopro 3 Kamera (nicht in Lieferung enthalten))

2208 80 KV Motoren sind für Direktantrieb enthalten

Mit Motorschutz hilft es bei der Wärmeableitung

Mit antivibrierenden Gummibällen ist es einfach, sich anzupassen


Software: BGC 2.2

Batterietyp: JST Stecker

Spannung: 12V

Vermessung und Gewicht


Marke: DJI
FPV-Ausrüstungen: Gimbal
Kamera Kardanringe: Brushless Kardanringe


Typ: 2 Achse

Vermessung und Gewicht

Produktgewicht: 0,208 kg
Verpackungsgewicht: 0,304 kg
Verpackungsgröße (L x W x H): 18.00 x 13.00 x 10.00 cm / 7.09 x 5.12 x 3.94 Zoll


Verpackungsinhalt: 1 x bütstenlose Kardanische PTZ, 1 x Packung Zubehör (1 x Kabel, 8 x Schraube, 4 x Schraubensäule)

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  • Michael Rohwohlt
    Ja (2) Farbe: Silver
    FPV Brushless PTZ Gimbal
    This is a good inexpensive gimbal that is well built. There is a button on the control board that will allow you to hand-set the angle of the camera. It also has inputs to control the up and down angle as well as tilting left and right. This can only be used if your quadcopter and remote support such function While this gimbal does not directly connect to the Flying 3d X8, I was able to mount it. The X8 does support the up, down left and right tilting of the gimbal from the remote. It works flawlessly. Definitely a good purchase for the price. Watch for the video of it in action soon.
    The gimbal is easy to mount the GoPro Hero 3 but it tends to slide sideways while on the gimbal. It will not fall off, but it will cause the gimbal to work harder. This issue can be resolved with a small piece of thin rubber between the GoPro and gimbal mount.

    Nov 11,2015 15:10:10

  • Gillian
    Ja (0) Farbe: Silver
    Ordered 21st Jan in UK arrived 3rd February - not too bad at all! Plugged-in and works great. Using it with a Turnigy HD cam (looks like a gopro) and it seems very smooth. Yet to set-up the tilt but clear instructions make that an easy job. Loads of cable bits in a bag with the gimbal, Have to confess to not having two bolt holes lining-up on the Quanum nova but I have used flexible cable ties to add security should something come loose for now, a simple adaptor plate could be made from aluminum which will be done in the near future. Plugged into the Quanum Nova 12V power offtake, just needs a male JST put onto the cable which is supplied female JST.

    Feb 03,2015 23:00:33

  • Marty Wilson
    Ja (0) Farbe: Silver
    An affordable camera gimbal you don't need a bank loan to buy
    Read a lot of forum pages before deciding on purchasing this gimbal. I needed something that would do the job but not need a mortgage to buy, that's were GearBest stepped in. Opened the package this morning and was very pleasantly surprised on the build quality of the gimbal, very nicely finished and presented for £30 including delivery. Looking forward to fitting it when I get the time, reading the instruction suggests that it wont be to difficult. On a final note, this item was ordered Monday afternoon, and it arrived today Thursday, 3 days, cant get any better than that, thank you GearBest
    None at present

    Nov 20,2015 01:56:58

  • Peter May
    Ja (0) Farbe: Silver
    I will give another review once I have bought the quadcopter to fit this gimbal to. It appears to have all the parts needed and appears to be quite well made at a very affordable price. I have bought an action cam already it's an Eken H9 action cam and which fits this gimbal perfectly. The main thing I want to give feedback about is the service received from the EU warehouse. Ordered & paid for on Sunday evening and received it well packed via Yodel at lunchtime today. How's that for service? Absolutely brilliant. Thanks again Gearbest. Well done!
    I have yet to try it, on a quadcopter that I've yet to buy. Another review will then follow.

    Dec 02,2015 04:49:58

  • Serfe
    Ja (0) Farbe: Silver
    Fantástico Gimbal
    Gimbal fabricado en Aluminio por lo que será muy duradero, para el precio que tiene hace muy bien la función de estabilización, no conectar sin la cámara puesta ya que dará errores, el gimbal lleva un botón de reset que sirve para elegir la posición en la que queremos que estabilice la cámara, si la cámara al enchufarlo se os queda de lado, pulsad el boton de reset y ponerla en la posición que queraís y listo.

    Jul 13,2015 22:52:33

  • Mark
    Ja (0) Farbe: Silver
    As good as it gets for the money
    This gimbal works pretty good overall. It allows flexibility for using different makes and models of cameras. I had reasonable success mounting a Vivitar action cam to it. You can mount any small camera with tripod threads on the bottom, or you can use the Velcro strap, or you can just zip tie a camera to it. The price fluctuates a lot - I got it for $35 on sale.
    Being it is an all-metal gimbal, it is a bit heavier than some of the competition. This could be a deal-killer for some.

    Dec 31,2015 18:02:32

  • Alan
    Ja (2) Farbe: Silver
    R & D
    Great little gimbal. This was purchased to get b-footage for the rear of a motorcycle. I suspended the mount inside an acrylic cylinder, to keep dust and dirt out. It runs on 12vdc so pretty easy to wire. I would recommend a dc to dc regulator. The works smoothly. You may need to adjust the camera around on the mounting platform for balance.
    It will NOT work with a waterproof housing on sports camera. With the housing it is too large and too heavy. The gimbal cannot stabilize with the added weight of the housing. Camera is only retained by Velcro.

    Nov 20,2016 02:07:29

  • Joel Widengren
    Ja (0) Farbe: Silver
    Billig och bra Gimbal
    Billigaste gimbalen jag sett, den gör jobbet och känns rejäl. Jag har monterat den på en Tarantula X6, den kräver 12 volt enligt manualen men fungerar utmärkt med Tarantula X6 batteri på 4,7 volt, har dragit en extra strömkabel så Tarantulan och Gimbalen delar på samma batteri. Flygtiden sjunker, men inte så farligt mycket. Den använder Open Source programvara, så du kan ställa in mängder av parametrar. Fungerar dock perfekt rakt ur boxen. Mycket prisvärd!
    Om jag ska vara gnällig, så kanske tyngden. Men om du köper en dyrare variant så spar du kanske 10g. Så nej jag har inget negativt att säga.

    Oct 10,2015 06:14:08

  • Victor
    Ja (0) Farbe: Silver
    Brushless gimbal
    +price +plug and play (even Cx-20) only need is pliers other is included Need Cx20/nova camera mounting plate and this gimbal no cuting (orginal plate with gimal plate with spaccers and bolt on quadracopter) Stabilazing works + working pitch control from transmiter.
    This time none.

    Dec 17,2015 14:30:48

  • Perlitschke
    Ja (1) Farbe: Silver
    Cheap & Good!
    This cheap Gimbal works great but you have to make some Adjustments with SimpleBGC_GUI_2_2b2. Also great is that you can use this Gimbal for a 2 Axis Handheld DIY Project. Build Quality overall is superb and the Installing is simple. Comes with Cables and you can Tilt & Pich the Axis manually , too!
    A Little Heavy with 213 Grams! Plus regular ActionCam you have to lift 280 Gramms total...

    Aug 31,2015 03:44:00

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