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  • Viktar
    Нужная штука
    Хороший чехол в путешествия для телефона, документов.Телефон войдет 5,5". Проверил - не протекает, там три застежки и еще дважды сворачивается верх. Если только по краям порвется.
    Телефоном можно пользоваться не доставая из чехла, откликается.

    A good travel bag for the phone, documents. The phone will go in 5.5".I checked - it does not leak, there are three fasteners and then folds up twice more if only the edges break. The phone can be used without getting out of the cover, responds.

    Mar 04,2018

  • Andrea
    Waterproof Case
    --- ITA ---
    Il materiale, sensibile al tocco, permette di utilizzare lo smartphone anche sott'acqua senza problemi. Di conseguenza, è possibile anche fare foto di media/buona qualità. La custodia presenta 3 chiusure ermetiche che garantiscono l'impermeabilità totale. E' presente un utile laccio da tracolla.
    Consegna veloce e ottimo prezzo!
    ---- ENG ---
    The material, very sensitive, allows you to use smartphone even under water without any problems. As a result, you can also make medium/good photos. The housing incorporates three hermetic seals that guarantee total waterproofing. It has useful shoelace shoulder.
    Fast delivery and great price!
    --- ITA ---
    Assenza di una eventuale fascia elastica da polso/braccio. E' incompatibile con smartphone di altezza superiore ai 14 cm; nel mio caso, ho dovuto lasciare aperta la chiusura ermetica più interna, per far entrare il mio smartphone correttamente.
    --- ENG ---
    Absence of an elastic band wrist/arm. Incompatibility with smartphone's height more than 14 cm; in my case, I had to leave open the innermost sealing, to insert my smartphone correctly.

    Jul 28,2016

  • Creig
    Does the Job. Excellent Price!
    First of all. In Canada, everything is at least double the prices than the US, and 4x the prices here. My sister in law bought the same pouch for $20 CAD each, I paid $5 CAD free shipping for TWO POUCHES. It has 3 thick and durable "Ziploc" type zippers that fold under the black seam that then clips into place by two yellow tabs. Used at a theme park in the rain and did keep the water out. tested under running water and was nice and dry inside. The rounded edges are a nice touch and you can still use your touch screen thru the pouch.
    The section for the screen is too small for my LG G3 screen which is 5.5 inches.

    Oct 08,2016

  • Daniel
    write a review
    Great waterproof pouch, amazing quality for the price, triple ziplock seal plus the buttons, nothing is getting inside it! Tried it with a piece of paper inside it, the paper came out perfectly dry after 2 minutes inside the pool.

    Its a nice touch to have the string to put it around your neck, it fits any regular sized smartphone plus bills and such. mine is a Moto g 3rd gen, fits perfectly and leaves space for more

    Sep 09,2016

  • Vladimir
    Best Waterproof Pouch Case!
    I've gave it 5 stars! It's has all what you need! With this case you no need anoter waterproof bags for you money & documents & phone. I whant something like this!
    I have anoter waterproof case for my phone. But I can put in it only my phone. Money & documents i always put in mi bag. So when I'm traveling alone, i cant go to swim.
    With this case such problems will not arise!
    I advise it to everyone! Must Have!
    It's no need to improve! Everithing is good!

    Apr 27,2018

  • fromchinaparcel
    Отличный чехол
    Проверен - не течет. Экран работает через чехол. Герметизация - 3 zip lock и еще заворачиваешь и на 2 кнопки.
    Детальный видеообзор смотрите на моем YouTube канале "Посылка из Китая"
    Ссылка (удалите пробел перед точкой) www
    Детальный видеообзор смотрите на моем YouTube канале "Посылка из Китая"
    Ссылка (удалите пробел перед точкой) www

    Oct 29,2017

  • Vinogradov Dmitrii
    Непромокаемый кейс для телефона
    Отличная, качественно сделаная сумка\чехол для телефона, имеет 3 застёжки и поверх них ещё 3 кнопки, чтобы уменьшить габариты. В центре сделано прозрачное окошко, со своей задачей справляется отлично, надо брать в походы и выходы в лес/ на рыбалку. Покупал по промокод за 1долл.
    пока не нашёл

    Jan 31,2018

  • Jimmyt
    Good item...Better than expected
    Better than expected quality.
    Triple lock and button down security.
    phone works while in the bag all touchscreen functions work fine on my Samsung.

    would recommend

    put my phone in the bag and dunked it while taking a video.....worked excellent.

    Will feel my phone is safe when down at the pool on holiday....Recommended item.

    May 18,2019

  • GB Unboxing
    Waterproof Case Bag for iPhone - Blue
    1. Touchscreen can be used in this pouch case.
    2. It has 3 plastic locks under the black part so it provides good protection of your device.
    3. Any smartphone can fit it except for phablets (6" and bigger).
    1. The "window" looks unsafe.
    2. It has a lot of seams so I think that water can leak there after few month.

    Dec 06,2017

  • Алексей
    Хороший чехол
    Хороший чехол, брал под телефон ездить на дальние расстояния на мотоцикле. Видел такой у друга. Всем рекомендую.
    A good cover, took under the phone to travel long distances on a motorcycle. I saw this from a friend. I recommend to everyone.

    May 31,2018