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  • Betty Tom
    Most complete and reliable robot vacuum cleaner
    The XIAOMI MI robot vacuum has everything you would desire on a robot vacuum while staying on the reasonable price.
    Battery life - The MI robot vacuum can clean my entire house of over 200 square meters without having to recharge. This is due to its great mapping and navigating capabilities which makes it very efficient and it's huge 5,200mAh battery.
    Cleaning quality - With it's 1,800 Pa strong suction, it will pick up small particles as well as larger items, I really love how it cleans my rugs.
    Intelligent planning - Equipped with 12 different sensors + three processors, track its movements in real-time and calculate the data using SLAM algorithm to map out the layout and determine the best cleaning routes.
    Others - Automatically recharge; Convenient APP control; Low noise; Elegant appearance design and so on.

    Jun 11,2019

  • Gale Lincoln
    Brilliant so far!
    I have had a little time to see how this vacuum performs in a number of situations. There are some good updates, and some not so good.
    Let's do the not so good first. The map saving feature in the app needs work, it’s not very accurate at present.
    The good news that I have discovered is that this robot is even more versatile than I thought. I can not only set my vacuum to perform a scheduled cleanup multiple times per day, but I can also schedule them at different suction settings; so, for example, I currently have it set to vacuum once a day every day except Sunday on Balanced mode, and then on Sunday vacuum on Max mode. I did try the mopping feature, and I was surprised at how useful it actually turns out to be.
    So far its advantages far outweigh its disadvantages... so I'll maintain my 5 star rating.

    Jun 13,2019

  • Dean Katharine
    Great Robot Vacuum Cleaner
    The navigation is smart and if it gets stuck under a bed or something you can easily use the app remote controls to drive it out from under the furniture. This is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made by far.

    Jun 15,2019

  • Ruth Camp
    Better than expected!
    I had high expectations for Xiaomi's products, but I didn't expect it to perform better!
    Quiet, and the cleaning effect is first-class, automatic charging and APP control make it more convenient to use.

    Jun 17,2019

  • Miriam Felix
    Keeps the house clean of hair and dust!
    The vacuum is well made and not so heavy.
    It cleans my apartment decently, so by the time I get home, the house is clean. And the unit can get back to the charging station by itself.

    Jun 24,2019

  • Parker Clemens
    Better than our traditional vacuum
    We bought this to help keep up on keeping the floors clean.
    It is able to navigate the threshold out of our living room and works on our carpet, wood floor, and tile.

    Jun 25,2019

  • Julian Lattimore
    Great robot vacuum!
    Nice and smooth design and moves in and out of tight spots easily.
    It raises or lowers itself depending on the clearance of furniture.

    Jun 26,2019

  • Esteban
    Una maravilla
    Llego en el tiemo estimado. El producto es el ofertado. Facil de conectar y despues de probada muy contento con el resultado

    Jun 20,2019

  • Mario Maute
    Gefällt mir sehr gut.
    Staubsauger macht was er soll!

    Jul 08,2019