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  • Steiner
    As described
    Arrived as described, well packaged. We've had no problems with them. I am very happy with the design and am going to snag one for office documents. Based on the quality, size, its reasonable price, another order or two will probably be made in the near future. I would like recommend it to you as well

    Dec 10,2020

  • Okamuro
    No problem
    About a month in and so far so good and haven't had any issues. All have worked fine and have seen no problems with transfer speeds or performance. The design, quality and price are exactly what I expected. Very practical product. I'll probably be buying another one for my work from now on.

    Dec 21,2020

  • Steve
    Exactly what I need
    I have a massive collection of USB 3.0 disks, but almost all of my USB 3.0 flash disks are of the extremely high capacity variety (128GB+). Paradoxically, it is not suitable for some of the small tasks I need to do. A little searching brought me to this USB 3.0 Flash Drives. Pretty nice!

    Dec 11,2020

  • Nico
    Nice design
    The design is what I really like, and it is very easy to use

    Dec 03,2020

  • Stephanie
    No complication
    Plug and play, no complicated installation

    Nov 25,2020

  • Sullivan
    High recommended
    Good disks and highly recommended

    Dec 14,2020

  • Anie
    Nice appearance, affordable price

    Dec 16,2020

  • Boomer
    Great product, worth the money

    Dec 14,2020