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  • TommyTech
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    My first Smart Watch (phatch) : Zeblaze Thor 4
    This is my first smart watch. Looking to find out what I really want in a smart watch and this is helping.As most complain, the battery does not last long. When I got it yesterday morning, it had 94% charge. It took a couple of hours of playing with it to completely drain the battery and have it auto-shutdown. After a full charge, played with it for a few hours until battery was down to about 54% and then put it away for about 9 hours. When looked at it again, it was at about 29%. I have most things turned on, but no SIM card in it as of yet. I currently have it charging, but seemed that this last (second) charge did last a bit longer.Being new to smart watches, I am finding this watch to work pretty good and expect the battery (after exercising it) to last at least a full day of use, if not more. There are lots of apps. I also have a Mi Band 3 fitness tracker and in comparing for fitness tracking, the watch does not track steps and such as well as the Band 3. That may change in the future if I can find other fitness apps that will work with this watch. I don't like the WiiWatch2 tethering app very much, very minimal and not very well thought out. It could use a revamp and would be nice if it were much more like MiFit that I am using with my Band 3 fitness tracker.However, after 1 day of use, I think this watch will last me for a while. At least until some of the newer tech comes out and more powerful chips/software/battery life are available.

    Jan 09,2019

  • Wanchamlerm Peirapattanapoom
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    #This review is my conclusion for the first day of using.The size of Thor 4 is very impressive. Not too large not too small and the design is very impressive. Batterylife is also very well. The screen is really good. The watch work very fast and fine. Everything look so nice and so cool as expect.However (This is what I found in just the first day) it has 2 problems.1) Automatic screen-on when hand rise is quite bad, some times it work well but sometimes it isn't work. I don't know why it not work properly and how to fix it.2) Heart-rate sensor really unstable. Sometimes it's fine but many times was very unstable down to 40 or rise to 100+ while my real heart-rate is just around 65.The question is can i fix this problems or you can send me a new one????WHITOUT THIS PROBLEMS , I WOULD GIVE YOU 5 STARTS FOR THIS PERFEECT SMART-WATCH AT SMART-PRICE.

    Nov 22,2018

  • ndp68
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    Zeblaze Thor 4 G ( LTE )
    Am 05.09.18 die Zeblaze Thor 4G bestellt, gestern am 15.09.18 bekommen.Schneller geht es nicht. Da ich die Uhr erst aufladen muß, kann ich dazu noch nichts schreiben! Bin gespannt. Die wenigen Testberichte, die es bisher gibt, sind ja ALLE positiv ausgefallen! Eines vllt noch , das Armband, macht einen ziemlich wappeligen Eindruck. Habe mir davon eigentlich mehr versprochen. Aber die Technik ist ja letztlich entscheidend. Das Armband der Zeblaze Vibe 3 ( Tactical Smartwatch), macht da einen wesentlich stabileren Eindruck. Leider kann man das Band der Thor 4 NICHT wechseln, weil sich da wohl, der GPS EMPFÄNGER und DIE ANTENNE, etc drinnen befinden. Aber 5 Sterne von mir für GearBest , kann ich nur jedem empfehlen. Werde dann die Tage nochmal über meine ersten Erfahrungen mit der Thor 4 berichten. Bis dahin LG ndp68

    Sep 16,2018

  • Marek
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    zeblaze thor 4
    Zegarek doszedł w 9 dni, po włączeniu dostał aktualizację przez ota. System chodzi bardzo stabilnie, wifi oraz bluetooth działa ok, nie testowałem jeszcze gpsa. Nie da się odbierać połączeń przez bluetooth. Powiadomienia z aplikacji przychodzą w tym samym momencie co na telefon. Bateria trzyma 2 dni przy ciągłym połączeniu z telefonem. Kabel do ładowania jest troszkę krótki, pełne ładowanie zegarka trwa ok 2h. Można do niego włożyć kartę sim i działa wtedy jak normalny telefon z lte. Zegarek posiada wbudowany głośnik do rozmów lub słuchania muzyki i youtuba. Generalnie polecam produkt:)

    Sep 29,2018

  • Máté
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    Egy kis ideje már használom, amit leírnak róla teljesen valós :) A pozitívumok ott láthatók, de van 1-2 negatív dolog, amit leírnék.Nem minden alkalmazás érhető el rá (pl shazam)Nagyon hamar merül valamikor az 1 munka napot nem bírja ki :(ha a mágneses töltő elmozdul, és vissza megy a helyére, néha nem érzékeli és nem tölt továbba wiiwatch egy kicsit gagyi alkalmazás, amit ajánlanak hozzáés ami az egyéni szocproblémám, az az hogy egy kicsit vékonyabb órára számítottam, de az megszokható dolog kb 1-2hét és nem ez volt nagy hanem a többi órám kicsi.

    Apr 03,2019

  • Theo
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    Best full Android smartwatch at the moment
    The edge to edge screen is really edge to edge. No full Android smartwatch can be beat this watch yet. It is superfast and has everything. If we add it's price to the equation then this is a 5 star purchase. My friends immediately asked me to all about the watch and now they want one as well. Also it arrived like 10 days earlier or so than expected. The custom watcfaces community is awesome, and the customization of the watch is infinite.
    No Bluetooth calling support.

    Jul 11,2018

  • Perfect fit and good product
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    Great smart watch in non water resistant category
    The product is just as expected, reviewing after a weeks usagePros:* Display clarity is on par with high end smart watches* Touch is smooth and very responsive * Quick charge time and 1 day run time at moderate use* 4g is good and fastCons:* Not water resistant, so have to be very careful if you have sweaty hand* Connectivity app on iOS is not good* Heart rate sensor is unreliable * Raise to wake not accurate 6/10

    Nov 26,2018

  • Paolo
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    Zebalze Thor 4 un ottimo smartwatch
    Conosco già bene i prodotti Zeblaze e ne sono sempre rimasto soddisfatto, ho scelto questo prodotto per sostituire il mio modello Thor precendente, preso in flash sale ad un prezzo ottimo.Ringrazio Gearbest per la spedizione in meno di un mese, non ho pagato dogana e il pacco è arrivato integro. Lo smartwatch funziona davvero bene, la battaeria dura con uso medio più di una giornata e la connessione LTE è forte e stabile. Ottimo prodotto lo consiglio a tutti gli amanti del genere.

    Nov 17,2018

  • Alessandro Chefinblack Zanoletti
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    Ottimo prodotto fatto molto bene e con cinturino confortevoleAndroid 7 permette di installare molte applicazioniNota dolente invece per l'applicazione di gestione sul cellulare che va in crash appena colleghiamo il dispositivoSoluzione utilizzare watch Droid assistentCon un uso intensivo si raggiunge la mezza giornataCon uso moderato arriva fino a sera

    Nov 13,2018

  • Americo Gil
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    Smartwatch Phone Zeblaze THOR 4
    Smartwatch is very perfect and deserves this rating in the overall appreciation. I am very satisfied with the item for the features that are easy and intuitive to order. I think that when buying with other Smartwatch the THOR 4 takes advantage of having more applications and for its price. I have no hesitation in recommending to my friends, for the quality and functions.

    Oct 02,2018