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  • Donna Rockefeller
    A commuter hit!
    I have commuted in some zany ways, including by traditional skateboard, and have been toying with the idea of purchasing an electric bike for a long time. Based on my first weeks of owning the ZIYOUJIGUANG T18, I'd say it’s a really fun and sturdy product.I compare riding the T18 favorably to using a rental e-scooter. The bike has faster speed(T18 is above 20km/h, the scooter is 15km/h) and handles bumps better than a scooter, overall, the T18 is a better purchase.The bike itself seems very sturdy and easy to fold, the super-thick tires can easily handle the rough roads, the larger crankset ratio provides greater transmission force, more labor-saving for riding. The adjustable seat height is very convenient for me.Despite some little gripes, I'm giving it 5 stars for now.

    Jun 04,2019

  • Jordy Ortiz
    Amazing E Bike
    This Ebike is absolutely wonderful, with great speed and an amazing assisted mode when riding with a very comfortable seat with great battery life and wow the delivery from the seller was very fast, I definitely can't complain there, the only thing is the build quality around the throttle area is quite average going to bad, my bike tipped over and it stopped working and I must buy a replacement and solder it back on but it's not a hard job and still love it! great but overall and amazing price.

    Sep 03,2019

  • Dave
    Best stylish E-bike in 2019
    This electric bike is constructed from aluminum alloy, strong enough to support a maximum user weight of 120kg. The bike features 250W powerful motor, 25km/h max speed, 25 - 30km electric range, and 45 - 50km range by power assistance. With adjustable seat height, foldable pedals, and collapsible design, this electric bike is very convenient to use.I think it is the best choice in 2019!

    Apr 11,2019

  • Takis
    ● Very beautiful and quality!● Front and rear disc brakes and led lights!● Folding design,adjustable saddle and shock absorber!● Lightweight and easy to carry!● It goes everywhere and takes you anywhere!● Amazing product at fantastic price!► See my detailed review here:

    Jun 02,2019

  • Straordinaria
    Non mi aspettavo un prodotto così.....
    Non mi aspettavo un prodotto così a questo prezzo, robusta veloce scattante pratica, e affronta salite in pedalata assistita molto ripide. In elettrico puro di una quindicina di gradi il tutto senza il minimo sforzo di chi la guida.ben ammortizzata sale e scende dai marciapiedi senza problemi e va bene pure nello sterrato autonomia effettiva testata 18 km in elettrico e 35 in pedalata assistita su terreno misto e con un peso Sopra di 100 kg

    Jul 07,2019

  • Maxim The Terrible
    I am 100% happy!
    Bike is really cool. It looks awesome, it is well made. I am 191cm and 106kg and it drive without a problem. I drove 19,5km on almost flat surface with full battery charge. Ii disconected pedal asist cause I don't like it. Overall it is awesome for that price. Really fun to drive :)

    Sep 03,2019

  • Luigi
    Ultra compatta e "intelligente"
    Questa bici è davvero fantastica, appena inizi a pedalare, anzi appena si inizia a premere con il piede sul pedale, lei va da sola e capisce se vuoi andare più veloce o meno. Ha una spinta incredibile e l'ammortizzatore dietro unito al sedile comodo e alle ruote più larghe del normale, permettono di percorrere più tipi di strade. Consigliata.

    Jun 24,2019

  • Milan R.
    Ziyoujiguang T18
    Quality exceeds the price and it is excellent.Delivery was quick, because the UPS is the best.Po unpack the handlebar and screw the rear mudguard.12 "wheels I had to air.The supplied battery can be driven about 17km.I drive daily and I'm very happy.

    Apr 22,2019

  • Robert
    product purchase
    great little bike i only bought it to use for short trips to the shop as i have other e-bikes for longer distance it was delivered quickly and everything works as it should i can lift it with one hand so its easy to get out of my flat and it has built in lights so i dont have to attach my lights so all good ..

    Sep 04,2019

  • Riccardo Taino
    I need assistance asap
    Bike is very nice BUT I have 2 main pronlems:1 I need to change the front wheel because is not sraight.2 In padaling mode the bike is not working.Plesse give me urgent assistence at least for point number 1, can you send me the front wheel?Thanks and regards.Riccardo

    Sep 07,2019